Why Is My Electric Shaver Pulling My Hair?

why is my electric shaver pulling my hair

If your electric shaver is pulling your hair, rather than giving you smooth neat shaves, there are several reasons for that. The reasons could be simple and easy to fix or would require you to replace the shaver.

Below are the main reasons why your electric shaver is pulling your hair while shaving and the solutions to apply.

Reasons Why Electric Shaver is Pulling My Hair

You’re Shaving Wrongly

If this is your first time using an electric shaver or you’re used to traditional shaving, there are chances that you’re using the wrong shaving technique.

Electric shavers do not cut close to traditional shavers so you would have to adjust your shaving technique.

Solution: You can start slow then add a little speed as your skin adapts. This should be the first thing to check if this is your first time, but this problem suddenly develops after using the shaver for some time, then you can check out other causes and fixes.

Your Beard is Too Long

If your beard is too long, you would have issues with shaving properly. However, the problem here is not only with the beard but also has to do with your shaving technique and due to the fact that you’re using the wrong guide comb.

Solution: Electric shavers come with guide combs and comb lengths that help you set the right combo for the right job.

If you’re trimming or cutting off your beard, you would need to start with the right comb for your beard length before jumping right to the smallest.

The largest guide comb won’t take off all the hair completely but it won’t pull on your hair either.

You can also start off with hair scissors to get rid of the long hairs before going all-in with the shaver.

Your Shaver Is Not Properly Maintained

For those folks who don’t think that their shaver needs some tender loving care, this is the first thing to check.

If your shaver is pulling on your hair, there are chances that the cutting blades or foil are clogged with a buildup of dead skin, lather, dirt, and hair clippings from previous uses.

When this happens you won’t be able to get the smooth shaving experience you once did when you first bought the shaver.

Solution: The fix to this actually obvious, you would have to clean your shaver after every use to get rid of the particles.

A build-up in shavers not only leads to shaving problems but could also become a breeding ground for bacteria putting you at risk of infections.

To get your shaver clean, you would have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some shavers come with a cleaning station that will automatically clean the shaver and charge it at the same time. Others are waterproof and can be cleaned under a running tap.

After cleaning, you would have to lubricate the razor. This is very essential as it would ensure consistent excellent performance and prolong the life of your shaver.

You’re using the wrong Shaver-Type

Shaver’s are classified into different categories depending on factors like their power source but the one you should be concerned with is the shaving mechanism which could be foil or rotary.

Each shaving mechanism works best for a certain beard type so you won’t get the best experience if you have coarse thick beards and you for a foil shaver built for long, wiry hairs.

Solution: Before purchasing an electric shaver, you should do enough research on the type that is best suited for your beard type. This should help you get the best shaving experience with every use.

The Shaver or Shaver Parts Needs to be Replaced

Even if you maintain your shaver properly, you would need to replace the blades and other parts after some years of use. If you don’t maintain your shaver properly, you would have to change the parts early.

Solution: If your electric shaver is pulling on your hair, then you should check the blades if they are worn out. If so, then replacing the blades would solve the problem.

In some cases, the motor or any other part of the shaver could be bad. In other cases, more than one part of the shaver could be having problems. If you notice that the shaver is bad, then replacing it entirely is the best way to solve the problem.

Getting a new shaver is no easy task as the market has a plethora of electric shavers with different price ranges.

You will come across the good with excellent performance and durability, and the bad delivering poor performance that would cost you more in the long run.

When going for a new electric shaver, it is important that you check through tons of options within and outside your budget range until you find the one that best suits your beard type, needs, and won’t poke a hole in your pocket due to maintenance.

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