Side Effects Of Electric Shaver [Everything you Needs to Know]

side effects of electric shaver

Side Effects Of Electric Shaver – Find Out Beneath This Guide

Electric shavers have been hailed as one of the best choices for the modern man when it comes to grooming.

With them, you won’t have to worry about lathering or any lengthy prep work to get those hairs off your face

You can just grab your electric shaver and get straight to shaving and even better, you won’t have to worry about cleaning.

You can toss them right into their automatic cleaning station or place them under a running tap and that’s it.

With all these benefits that come with going for electric shavers, it might come as a surprise that there are quite a few cons or side effects to electric shavers.

In this piece, you will find the possible side effects of electric shaver and issues you would encounter with using electric shavers.

Electric Shavers Don’t Give a Close Shave as Compared to a Traditional Blade

This is one of the major cons when it comes to using electric shavers. While they deliver an overall superb performance, they don’t shave a close as a blade.

This goes for all-electric shavers even the high-end options from the top manufacturers.

Of course, this is subjective. You might purchase a high-end electric shaver and find it shaves just as close or is even better than an electric shaver.

This is actually due to the shaving skills of the user. Some users might find it pretty difficult to work with electric shavers especially if it is their first time. Others will find it quite easy.

Another thing with traditional blades is that they exfoliate the skin by removing the top layer of cells which is another big plus you might miss with an electric shaver.

While electric shavers might not shave just as close, they provide overall comfort which is why they are highly considered.

So while you might not get the cleanest and closest shave, you won’t have to worry about itching and irritation afterward with electric shavers.

Requires a Learning Curve

Unlike a traditional razor which could be work wonders even in inexperienced hands, you might be underwhelmed by the results the first you use your electric shaver.

You may experience some razor burns for those with sensitive skin or even find some patches of hair left behind. The actual problem here is not with the razor but rather the user.

Using an electric shaver for the first time would require you to learn how it works and how best to shave for the best results.

You might have to wait for some weeks for your skin to adapt to the new blades and also practice perfecting your shaving technique. Once you get it right, you won’t have to worry when using an electric shaver.

Purchase Price and Maintenance Costs can be Expensive

When it comes to purchasing costs, some electric shavers could require a small fortune to own. Even worse, you would have to spend a lot on replacement parts whenever the time comes.

This is most common with high-end electric shavers and they do offer the right value for the money. You could, of course, go for budget-friendly options but you’d still have to spend on replacement blades and cleaning cartridges.

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