how do hair clippers work

How Do Hair Clippers Work? Ultimate Guide Reviewed

Are you venturing into the world of cutting hair? Maybe you are looking to do this professionally. Maybe you are looking to cut your own hair at home.

You truly can save yourself a lot of money by doing your own hair maintenance. Whatever the situation is, if you want to do the best job possible, you are going to need to understand exactly how a set of clippers works.

Understanding The Operating Principle

A set of hair clippers is a special tool that was designed specifically to cut a human’s head hair. In a basic theory, they work in the same manner as a pair of scissors, but they are very distinct from scissors and razors.

A set of hair clippers will be made up of a pair of sharpened blades. These blades look almost like the teeth on a comb and they will be located within close contact of each other.

Blades are also located above each other and to the sides of each other. Whether you are using a set of electric clippers of a set or manual clippers, it will be a mechanism that makes the blades oscillate from side to side.

When the head of the clipper is moved near the hair it will position the hair in the teeth of the comb-like blades, where it will then be cut with a scissor type action.

This scissor-like action is possible because the blades slide sideways relative to each other. It is important that the friction between the blades is always as low as possible.

Some of this will depend on the material and the finish that the manufacturer chooses to construct the blades out of, but some of this will depend on the user.

Frequent lubrication will help keep the friction low and that is why it is imperative to properly maintain and care for your clippers.

The Manual Clippers

 It will probably be hard to find a pair of manual clippers in today’s time unless you are located somewhere in Western countries.

They were first introduced to the world between the years of 1850 and 1890 but eventually became extinct in most parts of the world.

Due to the fact that the cost of producing electric hair clippers decreased during those times as well. The manual clippers worked in the same manner that was described above.

However, it was a pair of handles that worked as the oscillating mechanism. When the handles were squeezed together with the hair in place it would be cut.

These clippers really did give barbers the ability to cut hair close, fast, and loose. These clippers were extremely popular for military and prison applications because of the above close and fast cutting abilities.

The Electric Hair Clippers

In all theory, the electric clippers work in the same manner as the manual ones The only major difference is that the electric hair clippers utilize an electric motor to drive the oscillating motion of the blades.

There are three basic different types of motors that can be found within the electric clippers. This would be the rotary motors, magnetic motors, and the pivot motors.  One unique thing about the rotary motors is that they can be driven by both AC and DC voltage currents.

The magnetic and pivot motors are distinctly different, as they use magnetism. When AC current is applied to the motor a magnetic field, derived from wrapping copper wire around steel, creates a cycle that causes the combing blades to oscillate.

A man with the name of Leo Wahl patented the first electric razor in 1921, which is probably a name that you are familiar with by now. Wahl is without a doubt one of the most well known and leading manufacturers of electric hair clippers, to this very day.

The Blade Material

 The blades that are found in clippers are usually constructed from two different types of material. This would be the rust-resistant stainless steel and ceramic.

Ceramic blades are without a doubt superior in some aspects, but they do have one major downfall. First off, the ceramic blades are not subject to corrosion and they have a high resistance to wear, which means they are going to stay sharper for much longer periods of time.

This is a major selling point for some individuals because blades replacement can be expensive. It is possible to sharpen the blades on your own, but the process is somewhat tedious.

That being said, the major downfall is that the blades are brittle and can be easily broken. They also cost more.

Caring For Your Clippers

If you want your clippers to last a lifetime and provide you with an effective cut every time, you are going to need to properly care for them. This will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.

You would be surprised to learn just how many clipper problems rise because individuals didn’t use enough oil, didn’t use the right or didn’t use oil at the right time.

The first thing that you need to know is that each manufacturer will require different oil for lubrication purposes. Your clippers will probably come with a small bottle when you first purchase them, but you will need to invest in more. The instruction booklet will tell you exactly what kind you need to invest in.

After every use, you should be properly brushing off the blades of your clippers. A small cleaning brush or even a toothbrush will work for this job.

Simply just brush off any loose of accumulated hairs that have found their way in between the blades. Leaving the hair there will greatly dull the blades because it acts like sand and gravel. After brushing off the hair, you are going to want to perform what is known as five-point oiling.

You simply drop three drops of oil on the teeth of the blades and place one drop on each inside corner of the moving blade.

Make sure that you carefully wipe off all the remaining oil, because this oil is only going to attract hair, dust, and dirt, which will just gunk up the blade.