6 Best Razors For First Time Shavers In 2019 Buyer’s Guide

best razor for first time shavers

You need at least a small continuous practice and the suitable razor to achieve a neat and close shave. No doubt, a lot of varieties have dominated the market but you will never achieve excellence with most of them.

There are factors you should reflect on prior to purchasing or selecting a razor as a starter and helping you in making the selection is our utmost priority. We have listed those on our reviews for you to benefit.

The 6 Best Safety Razor Blades For Beginner

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome, Regular Handle, 5 blades 

best razor for beginners

The Edwin Jagger is distinguished for designing and manufacturing high-class security razors. And, this razor is no dissimilar.

Basically, the razor is to some extent heavier than the majority of its competitors to make certain the most equilibrium.

Additionally, this razor is designed particularly for first-time users who require excellence from their razor. The blade edge is meticulousness made to guarantee permanence and longevity.

Chrome Plating

The Edwin Jagger Safety Razors are plated in high-quality. In other to stop possible detaching and sparkling, this razor is chrome plated to the maximum level.

 Includes A Gift Box

This razor, the Edwin Jagger Safety Razor makes the perfect gift for starters and experienced persons.

The gift box that is stylish and classy which can also be utilized for storage to check exposure to dust and debris, it comes with is amazing.

Nonslip grip

The grip has an exceptional configuration to avoid slippage when held with wet hands.

The engraving prototype also provides effective control and keeps misfortune to the lowest amount. The nonslip grip moreover trims down accident during the blade replacement process.


The Edwin Jagger Safety Razor is exceptionally cost-effective. Interestingly, you can buy replacement blades in volume at an extremely inexpensive price. Even if you have a thick and chunky hair, each blade will bring more than a few days of fresh trim.


  • Well-balanced
  • Heavy-duty chrome plating
  • Bring sparkling, through cuts
  • Fabricated with first-rate materials


  • Expensive to some extent

Overall Assessment

The Edwin Jagger Safety Razor is perfect for starters with slight to no shaving skills. With a continuous a practice, this razor is an enormous channel to trimming and shaving perfection. Blended with affordability, this brand offers guaranteed longevity.

WEISHI Nostalgic Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

best safety razor blades for beginner

The WEISHI Nostalgic Razor offers the sharpest shaves and full control at a reasonably priced scale. These razors are extremely cost-effective and durable.

The razor has a diversity of attributes that has made shaving easy and enjoyable.


The WEISHI Razor is relatively light, weighing about 74 grams. This lightweight design will ensure convenience and full control during comprehensive uses.

The razor also has a grip that is 11 centimeters in length. The extra-long grip gives more control than shorter handles.

Change Blades Securely

The Nostalgic Razor is fashioned in such a way that it allows for secure and quicker blade replacement.

The nature of the head geometry is such that the opening will stay closed all through shaving.


  • Weighs 74 grams
  • Appropriate for all types of skin
  • Completely submersible for a painstaking cleaning
  • Consists of five replacement blades numbering up to five
  • makes use of reasonably priced, double-sided blades
  • Extra-long, non-slip grip about 11 centimeters span


  • Double-sided blades are tremendously sharp

Overall Assessment

The WEISHI Nostalgic Safety Razor although has double-sided blades which are enormously sharp, is ultimate for adolescence and grownups.

As a result, additional carefulness must be in use all through shaving and blade replacements. The grip has a non-slip configuration to guarantee complete control, even when hands are damp.

The opening always referred to a butterfly opening due to its geometry, functions immensely and the silo doors will stay closed until you curl the handle to unlock them.

Despite the fact that it is appropriate for amateurs, it possibly will take a little practice to guarantee a shave devoid of scratches.


double edge safety razors

Indeed, the applicability of double edge safety razors is dominating the shore. Little wonder that a lot of starters prefer these razors better than electric brands.

Regardless of your preference, however, the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor is dominating the race in terms of being reasonably priced, proffer the neatest shaves for starters and experts.

In addition to this, the Edwin Jagger Razor has an only one of its kind of design that places it beyond its contenders.

Reasonably priced Replacement Blades

Most models make the most of blades that are enormously costly, but the Jagger Safety Razor consists of affordable replacement blades, costing lower than$10 for 100.

Unlike other competitors with notable price tags, this cost-effective razor will cost you at most $1 per month.

Nonslip grip

Losing handle during shaving can be devastating and unsafe. This accident can result in scratches and undying jolting.

The Edwin Jagger Razor has a nonslip grip to put off sliding particularly when the user’s hands are damp.  To better its use, the grip has a chrome finish to guarantee eye appeal.


  • Eye-appealing chrome finish
  • Nonslip grip
  • Offers thorough and sparkling shaves
  • Consists of five replacement blades
  • Design is made of light materials
  • Reasonably priced replacement blades


  • The summit cap could use enhancement
  • Chrome plating may not be duration.

Overall Assessment

The Edwin Jagger Safety Razor is perfect for all regardless of one’s proficiency. It is fashioned in a manner to bring the most thorough shaves and most secured blade replacement.

This list is endless, the razor is exceptionally inexpensive, in view of the fact that the replacement blades can be bought in volume at a very reasonable cost.

The grip has a chrome finish with an exclusive geometry that avoids slippage for wet hands.

The double-edge blades are exceedingly sharp to offer the neatest shaves feasible.

MERKUR Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Saftey Razor

MERKUR classic double edge safety razor

If you have not been achieving the best shaving experience you desire due to fact that you are just learning the process of using an electric razor, it may interest you to think about using the MERKUR Classic Double Edge Safety Razor.

This razor is intended to bring the cleanest shaves and it is reasonably priced and guaranteed safety.

The processes involved in replacing the blades are not simple. Only be conscious of the safety precautions and follow them religiously to avoid injuries and damage as it is a double-edge razor.

Nonslip Grip

Poor shaving occurrences are usually triggered by blunt blades and inexperienced control of any razor can also cause injuries, such as scratches and scuffs.

The MERKUR Safety Razor is designed with a nonslip grip so that you will likely encounter no shaving mishaps.

The grip configurations are short and well-thickened such that slippage of hand at wet condition is avoided and significant control of the shaving tool is achieved.

Eye-Appealing Finish

Fortunately, you can get an eye-appealing razor with the MERKUR Safety Razor subject to choice and fashion.

It will also interest you to know that the finishes are ergonomic and long-lasting and you can select from more than a few finishes, together with refined chrome, stainless matte, and gold.

Lightweight Configuration

The MERKUR Safety Razor is fashioned with lightweight materials. Advantageously, you are certainly not undergoing ache even when shaving for lengthy intervals due to the poor weight of only 77 grams.


  • It relatively easy to carry (77 grams)
  • More than a few finishes to select from
  • Extra-thick grip
  • Reasonably priced replacement blades
  • The nonslip grip is long (77.1 millimeters in length)


  • may possibly induce skin nuisance in people with susceptible skin
  • The grip may be too thick for some people to handle

Overall Assessment

You want to use a high-quality, long-lasting and incredibly inexpensive razor, then the MERKUR Safety Razor is your best alternative. The replacement blade procedure is tremendously straightforward and effortless.

However, like a razor with double-edge blades, you must follow the safety precautions meticulously to avoid injuries and unprecedented damage.

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Razor

Significant technical know-how is incorporated in the VIKINGS BLADE Godfather Safety Razor to offer the cleanest, thorough and elegant shave and as well eliminate the possibilities of injuries such as nicks and notches. Experts have attributed this razor as the ultimate safety razor for beginners with all skin types.

The grip is heavy duty to guarantee permanence and corrosion attack. Moreover, the conveying of this razor brand is usually accompanied by the offer of a fine-looking transportation case that will safeguard the razor from dirt and breakage.

Aesthetically Designed Handle

A good number of safety razors have a grip that offers control, but that of the Vikings Blade’s aesthetically premeditated handle is magnificent.

The grip offers full control throughout the period of usage plus its ability to offer a pain-free shave every time.

Advanced Craftsmanship

The fashioning of The VIKINGS BLADE Safety Razor is exceedingly advanced. This razor is fabricated from premium-grade Swedish materials to offer permanence and prolonged existence, thereby making it stand above its competitors. You are definite to make handsome benefits when you invest in this razor.

Weighty and Well-Balanced

Unlike a lot of brands which cannot be attributed to being are well-balanced, the VIKINGS BLADE has demonstrated that their safety razors are enormously balanced.

Just to ensure the most balanced, the VIKINGS BLADE is fashioned somewhat heavier than a good number of its competitors.


  • Well-balanced for even shaves
  • Attractive finish
  • Nonslip, elegant grip
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Advanced craftsmanship
  • comprises of a transportation case


  • somewhat more costly than a good number of its competitors
  • Lid threads are delicate

Overall Assessment

Advisably, you should invest in the VIKINGS BLADE Godfather Safety Razor if you are a learner who needs a clean and thorough shave.

Being reasonably priced with a prolonged existence, the razor has all you need to guarantee your safety.

MUEHLE Safety Razor with Open Comb Handle Material Metal

MUEHLE Safety Razor

The MUEHLE Safety Razor is one great tool you need for an enormous shaving experience.

To guarantee the closest shave and the majority of control, this razor has an exceptional design with a tooth-comb.

Different from a good number of its competitors, the MUEHLE Safety Razor offers better-quality eye appeal and makes the most use of premium-grade elements to achieve longevity and prolonged existence.

Nonslip grip

You will never experience the exasperating condition of continuous slippage when using the MUEHLE Safety Razors..

With the MUEHLE Safety Razor’s nonslip handle, you will never suffer trivial shaving injuries like nicks and scratches.

The grip has only one of its kinds of design with an engraving to avoid slippage during when your hands are damped.

Easy Blade Replacement

The MUEHLE Safety Razor is fashioned to proffer both quick, easy and safe blade replacement processes, thereby preventing possible injuries that can be encountered when handling double-edge blades.\

However, you just need constant and improved practice to better your shaving skills. Just bend the grip to open the butterfly cap to reach the blade. You will have to follow safety precautions to prevent notches throughout the progression.


  • Well-balanced
  • Finish is chrome plated
  • Blade replacements are Eco-friendly
  • Heavy-duty craftsmanship


  • Plating has a propensity to unwrap
  • Somewhat costly

Overall Assessment

The MUEHLE Safety Razor possesses superior quality, is long-lasting and well-balanced. Its tendency to offer the cleanest and injury-free shaves makes the MUEHLE Safety Razor a perfect safety razor for learners.

However, with a prolonged practice, you will be satisfied with investing in this razor as your shaving skills will undoubtedly be improved.

The Important

Significantly, there is notable importance for investing in the best razor for beginners.

There is a significant possibility that you must make mistakes as a beginner, especially when handling a more sensitive skin.

In consequence of this reason, you have to ensure that you select a razor that is exclusively premeditated for beginners.

This will help prevent cuts, scratches and razor burn thereby making it far more sensitive.

 Factors To Consider Prior To Purchasing The Best Razor For First Time Shaver

Purchasing best razor for first time shavers is a careful venture that requires proper guidelines.

To that effect, in this guide, you’re going to learn about some of the most significant factors to think about.


For sure, the cost of your razor is a critical factor that you have to consider during purchase. A good number of users will want to save themselves some money.

it’s just an integral and natural philosophy of life. However, always bear in mind that you’re going to experience a lot of rip-offs when you spend in a low-priced razor.

A good number of low-priced razors will never give your face a thorough and neat appearance.

Bearing this in your mind, you should not shilly-shally to commit higher to guarantee that you get a responsive razor. This will avert problems and distress in the future. Hence, invest wisely.


Unquestionably, although manual razors are not as durable as electric razors, they demonstrate a lot of advantages over time.

Besides, they are much more inexpensive, with lower maintenance and handling challenges. You can just discard the razor based on choice.

In fact, invest in manual razor if you want the utmost expediency. They’re more low-priced and much more suitable. Just ensure you select manual razors that have prolonged longevity.

Ensure that the blades of the razor will serve in both the short and long run; else you will lose a handful of cash trying to replace worn-out blades.

Pain Free?

The pride of every user of a product is maximum satisfaction, and the razor as a shaving product is never an exemption. Most of these razors offer better satisfaction usually than others.

If the blades are too hard-hitting and uneven, they must definitely injure your face. You might even witness bump and cut.

Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that the razors are yielding and calm. With this, you are assured of a thorough and contented shave any time you use your razor.


There are a variety of brands on the market, many with an elevated price mark and others relatively cheap. Whatsoever the value is rated, users will always follow the purchasing trend of the new razor to look neat and new elegant.

If you desire for such a transaction, you should only check reasonably priced brands. Moreover, it is essential to go for brands with reasonably priced replacement components, like blades.

With this practice, you can spend a lesser amount of money over time. Only ensure that you wouldn’t labor as such in finding components for substitution.

With these wise moves, you will obtain a razor with prolonged lifespan with replacement components predominantly high.

Reachable Replacement Blades

Even amidst your careful evaluation, giving a lot of concentration to the accessibility of replacement blades is worthwhile.

They should also be very reasonably priced. Else, the razor will later turn out to be much costly in the long run. This may, in turn, make the possibility of finding replacements to be slim.

A number of manual razors still remain useable after multiple uses whereas some others are not.

For razors whose blades are not in multiple use scale, getting access to the replacement blades with easy is very important.


Do you still remember when users consider heavy razors as a high-quality razor? Well, the story is changed now.

In the present day, users have realized that the greater part of lightweight razors is entrenched with technology and parts that are of the equivalent class as those observe in weighty razors.

Therefore, if you require satisfaction and full convenience from your razor, you have to only go for the brands that weigh not more than16 ounces. When utilized for extended periods, razors with lightweight offer both convenience and clean shave.

Security Features

Keeping the razors safe to prevent young children from having access to them can protect the razors and encourage their longevity. Consequently, it is fundamental to guard your children against impairment by investing in brands with first-rate security features.

These features can include anything from slanting knob that entirely protects the blade and blades that do not scratch or notch.


In addition to the attributes to consider when investing in a razor, a good warranty is significantly important. A lot of producers do give partial or boundless warranty of at least two years.

No doubt, this warranty is a welcomed one. However, if you actually want to save yourself from a monetary failure, you should only go for brands that support their razors with a warranty that is limitless and lasts over two years.


Little and elevated price tagged razors are existing. Therefore, you have a handful of brands to go for depending on your budget and affordability.

Brands with less than average cost should by no means be ruled out, for the reason that today’s producers are functioning effortlessly to employ premium-grade apparatus and up to date technology in their extremely reasonably priced razors. Longevity and efficiency are the integral features of these razors.

Carrying Case

Provided you are a regular explorer or just want to care for your razor from filth and wreckage when not in use, you should only go for brands that are supplied with a hauling container.

It is certain that a transport casing cannot determine a razor’s operability capability in terms of delivering neat shaves; it can do a lot to save the razor from harm during carrying.

Provided you actually desire the casing to make available that much-needed shield the whole time, ensure you go for models with a rigid transportation casing.

Ergonomic Design

The handle should proffer both a pain-free process and simple maintenance regularly. So, be sure to provide much thought to brands designed in stylish grip.

In contrast to a transport casing, the design can create or shatter a razor. In fact, a razor with an inadequately designed grip will not bring the convenience or control considered necessary during comprehensive use.


No doubt, it is rewarding to take particular attempt to make sure that you select the razor that is going to keep you protected and relaxed out of a lot of quality razors currently available.

Invest in one of the razors outlined here and you will never regret the fact you did!


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