Best Professional Hair Clippers For Fades In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

best clippers for fades

Individuals who wish to have a faded style haircut are provided with two alternatives. For first time trimmers, you have to be properly guided by an expert despite that you will probably pay for the training service.

Or do you want to spend less on the journey of getting the best? Does getting a clean fade or giving your customers good-looking fades interest you? Then you will need to consider purchasing the best professional hair clippers for fades.

Be that as it may, you will never get the most excellent fading elegance from all kinds of clippers. Below are instructions and guidelines on how and all things you need to get the desired clippers for fades at great prices.

The 5 Best Professional Hair Clippers For Fades 

OSTER Fast Feed Hair Clipper 76023-510 

best professional hair clippers for fades

Proficient hairstylists and barbers are usually faced with many works. In addition, they can commit a lot of time and concerted effort shaving and trimming their clients’ hairs.

They depend on their cleaning tools to achieve the uppermost performance possible. Meanwhile, if they have the Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper at their reach, the possibility of improper cutting and trimming finish will drastically be eliminated.


One significantly technology associated with this brand of the clipper is that it is equipped with an abundance of accessories. Hence, you’ll take delivery of a cleaning brush and oil for lubrication.

It also features a blade guard in its container. This feature guarantees you a pleasing shaving experience and makes your investment decision worthwhile.

Guide Combs

This clipper comes with four guide combs. What an amazing feature about this clipper to consider?  You can effectively utilize these combs to achieve those exact and amazing outcomes that you crave for.

You can rest assured of a proper clean and close shave and fade when utilizing this model of the clipper

Perfect For All Hair Types

The Oster Fast Feed Hair Clipper is one of the most flexible clippers in the history of shaving and cutting tools. It is able to cut through all kinds of hair whether short or long.

In addition to these amazing features, it can cut through hair that is wet or dry. Experts believe that this model of clipper gives you limitless service and comfort options.


  • Enormous cord length
  • Equipped with 4 guide combs
  • Astonishingly quiet
  • Extremely powerful
  • Amendable Steel blade
  • Cuts through a variety of hair brands


  • The user is confined by a cord

General Evaluation

The Oster Fast Feed Clipper is powerful, despite that the cord is a challenge. If you’re a professional and has an inclination of making right purchases, you’ll absolutely need to consider this brand.

Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Hair Clippers #79602

fade clippers

No doubt, there are many outstanding clippers everywhere. Inasmuch as you desire to get your investment’s value, you’ll absolutely need to consider the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro.

Moreover, you have many reasons to invest in this model whose guide combs are superb and the stainless steel clips absolutely charming. This is actually among the most excellent hair clippers for individuals who prefer fades of first-class rating.

Regardless of this remarkable feature, you will have to check out other qualities that prove an investment in this brand worthwhile.

Powerful Motor

This model is designed with a powerful motor that makes this mode superb. With this powerful motor, you can be guaranteed of a pleasing shave devoid of dragging and jerking of client’s hairs.

No doubt, users are always grateful for how calm this clipper cuts, thereby making your venture more profitable.


Are you an expert in cutting and trimming of hair? If so, you definitely need to purchase clippers that you can trust on duty. Hence, the majority are encouraged to check out the Wahl brand of clippers.

This clipper is designed with self-sharpening blades that eliminates the exasperating experience of regular blade replacement. The blades always stay sharp as it sharpens as the shaving operation is on-going.

Secure Fit

In addition, this clipper is equipped with a stainless steel clip guide combs that constantly guarantee a secure fit at all times.

You don’t even have to start being worried about experiencing the combs sliding off their position. Luckily, this clipper has comfortably handled the puzzle.


  • The power cord is adequately long
  • Significantly costly
  • Produced in the United States
  • The motor can convey a lifetime of performance
  • Astonishingly powerful motor
  • Immovable Guide Combs


  • Not superior for close cuts

Generally Evaluation

The Wahl Elite Clipper is superb. It works remarkably sound and won’t make you spend unnecessarily.

Andis Master Hair Clipper Silver (01557) 

best hair clippers for fades

Andis is a nice-looking and highly regarded brand when it comes to hair clippers. This brand will guarantee that you’re going to get all the benefits of this brand.

You absolutely need to check out this Andis Master Adjustable Hair Clipper.

The Andis Master Adjustable Hair Clipper is slightly more costly than many other models. However, this is a specialized clipper and it’ll demonstrate to be well worth the investment.  Check also more features of this clipper and scaled its applicability.

Quiet Motor

This clipper is designed with an extremely advanced motor. This motor runs very quietly, regardless of its enormous power.

In addition to that, it will stay cool throughout the shaving period. This is the clipper that is also worthwhile provided you want your client to gets a high-quality haircut without any uneasiness.

Tough Housing

The Andis clipper is an extremely strong and long-lasting model which experts rush for. You can drop this clipper as many times as possible without any propensity of damage or breakage.

The aluminum cover is exceedingly hard and will be able to endure prolonged stress and strains induced on the clipper.


  • Won’t pull the hair
  • Superb for fades
  • Extremely tough covering
  • Comfortable to use
  • The power cord is adequately long
  • The motor is very calm
  • Superior motor will not get hot


  • Doesn’t include comb
  • Doesn’t include shears or hair guards

General Evaluation

In general, this clipper is extremely superb. On the other hand, it doesn’t comprise of essential accessories to be well handled.  Just be careful in purchasing this brand so you can appreciate your purchase

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper #8470-500

hair clippers for fading

The Wahl Professional Super Taper II is the supreme hair clipper for experts, parents, students and anyone who needs the perfect or superlative hairstyle.

The clipper is designed with the whole thing desirable to start using for multiple provisions.  This model is featuring eight guide combs that vary from 1/8-inch to 1-inch.

With this technology, one can have significant shaving leverage to move about while shaving off the far-to-reach areas.

Aesthetically pleasant

The Super Taper II is designed with a silver and black handle and with brand logo and model name, are very aesthetically. The smooth feature of this clipper makes it distinguished from its alternatives.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle design is another feature that will not only establish the pleasing intensity of a clipper, but also the intensity of usability is the handle design. Today, manufacturers, such as Wahl, install their hair clippers with an ergonomically designed handle to ensure full control and convenience.

Lightweight Design

Both first-time shavers and experts usually appreciate a period when they can be comfortably able to trim, taper and blend all of their customers’ hair without feeling any uneasiness.

This clipper will not cause you to encounter any uneasiness for the duration of shaving, due to its lightweight of 16 ounces. While shaving in a demanding scenario, you will not experience any form of hand or wrist pain, when using the Super Taper II.


  • Ergonomic grip
  • Features eight guide combs
  • V5000 electromagnetic powerful motor
  • Lightweight design (16 ounces)
  • Shorter length (6-1/4 inches)
  • Equipped with a red blade guard


  • Electric cable needs to be more extended
  • A number of the body is made of plastic

Generally Evaluation

Thanks to The Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper, the chief deliverer of sustained excellence.

The attached combs are long-lasting, so you will not have any worries leaving them fixed to the blade. It’s included electric cable, though heavy duty is somewhat short.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

fade trimmer

Not only is the Wahl Professional Magic Clip Hair Clipper fashioned to render excellence, but it also features technologically inclined first-grade elements and accessories that work collectively to bring an absolutely close shave.

Moreover, the clipper is equipped with all the necessary features to drive outstanding shaving experience.  This hair clipper serves any category of hair with comfort and elegance

Zero-Overlap Blades

The ground-breaking zero-overlap blades promote simplicity, super speed, and user-friendliness. The blades guarantee enhanced global performance relative to other clipper blades that are accessible today.

Durable Guide Combs

The Magic Clip Hair Clipper is fashioned to include eight guide combs, starting from 1/8-inch to 1-inch.  The guide combs will maintain their position immediately the guide combs are fixed to the blade, waiting when you are ready to separate them.

Lightweight Design

It is a known fact that the heaviness of a hair clipper will decide its rate of utilization. Heavier brands are known to bring discomfort, particularly during extensive use, which is not obtainable with the Magic Clip Hair Clipper.

The lightweight design hence makes this the perfect hair clipper for barbers and hairstylists. Considering its lightweight structure of ten ounces, you will be able to as many people’s hair as you desire without noticing any discomfort or hand pains.


  • Battery life is roughly 1-1/2 hours
  • Only 6-1/4-inch span
  • Consists of eight guide combs
  • Lightweight design (10 ounces)
  • Works on the cordless and corded modes


  • Somewhat costly
  • An ergonomic feature of its grip should be enhanced

General Evaluation

The Wahl Magic Clip Hair Clipper is perfect for local and urban barbing scenarios. Though the battery life is a slightly poor, it operates when plugged into a 110-volt source.

Generally, the lightweight feature makes this the perfect clipper for women with small hands. The shorter length guarantees enhanced control and maneuvering during blending and fading.

WHY Must You Appear Professional?

People invest in a professional pair of clippers due to certain factors that will not only give them the leeway to use them for multiple purposes but to also provide them much barbing freedom.

Whatever decision you take, you are to reap its pros and cons. You can employ the clipper to cut your own hair or even utilize it for professional barbing at least, one significant requisite you need to know for intending to be a professional barber is that you need not just a set of hair clippers but specialized ones.

Do you want to get a fashionable haircut without jerking or tugging on your hair? If you got a positive answer, then you absolutely need to invest in a professional brand.

Why Making The Purchase?

The first step in making the right investment decision, when it comes to purchasing a professional hair clipper for fades is to understand why you must make the purchase.

Recall, getting a professional hair clipper places you on the page for most popular hairstyles in the world.

This makes them appropriate and attractive for all and sundry. They’re superb for professionals and barber aficionados. Professional hair clippers are much good for people who just want to cut their hair swiftly and effortlessly.

Not only that, this type of clipper provides you with superior convenience and comfort and also makes you spend less with time.

What Are You To Consider?

In the same light, there are many enhanced clippers that you invest on for your exclusive needs. On the other hand, you’re going to need to put in a slight attempt to ensure that you get the right ones for your exceptional needs.

Here, you will learn and understand the leading factors that must be considered when planning to select the correct model you need.

Strength Of The Motor

Provided you want to be using your clippers professionally, you need to be certain of having a high-quality, strong motor.

No doubt, not only that you will not be able to barb properly with a weak motor, you will end up towing and drawing your hair.

This wrong move can also make you cause your clients unnecessary pains and discomfort.

To stop this from occurring, you require an extremely strong motor. It doesn’t matter about making an additional financial commitment to achieve your expectation.

Self Sharping Blades

No barber enjoys wasting time just sharpening your blades all the time. Having known this, you need to make sure that your blades are long-lasting in retaining sharpness.

Hence, always desire to invest on self-sharpening blades, it can absolutely stop the exasperatingly experience that clients may face due to prolonged waiting.

This will lighten your task during a prolonged barbing time. Self-sharpening blades save you from the hassle of constant sharpening of your blades. This will probably increase the price of your purchase, but you will make your profit with time.


You just need to estimate how much you’re eager to spend on clippers. This is because some clippers are costly.

Fortunately, there are a good number of superior ones that will serve you even at a reduced cost. Meanwhile, you should not feel compelled to overdo. Just check carefully before embarking on any purchase.

On the other hand, inasmuch as you’re looking for the most excellent professional hair clippers for fades, you should be eager to make an additional financial commitment.


Provided you will be using your clipper for professional purposes, you will require a clipper that is going to last for a longer duration. As you consistently use the clipper, it will constantly and continuously wear and tear.

You need a clipper that is not going to be easily smashed when wrongly dropped. All you require is a tough and enduring case to ensure that the clipper can take a lot of mistreatment.

Study reviews to ensure that the clipper can endure a lot of misuses; else, you’ll find yourself investing in clippers as frequently as nonstop.


To ensure that your fade is ideal, you require a clipper that can offer you with different spans. In any case, fades are all about a variety of spans and it is feasible to generate numerous diversities of fades.

From this exposition, you require a clipper that is going to give you numerous lengths adjustments.

Regardless of the various things involved in the barbing, including guide combs or the blades, you need to ensure that you get your span of interest.


You need to ensure that you operate with a comfortable clipper as a specialized barber having multiple clients to attend to.

There will probably be no need whatsoever to keep to the barbing profession without being equipped with the right arsenal.  That right arsenal you need is a pair of clipper that gives you a comfortable barbing experience.

Ensure that the clipper is lightweight and ergonomically fashioned. This will ensure that it stays comfortable in your hands throughout your shaving or barbing activities.


Apart from corded and cordless types of professional clippers, you can select from the brands that can be used interchangeably. Each type has its own advantages related to it.

Having said that, you’ll need to do your survey until you’re able to find out which one is the most excellent for you. As a specialized barber, you’ll most likely want to retain the corded brand.

This will ensure that you do not have to be concerned much about how to keep the battery alive. On the other hand, there are still some benefits to investing in a cordless brand.

Besides, this will give you the capability to shave your client properly without being perturbed about the cord.

Ensure that you check through all of your alternatives. If you’re left in doubt, you should absolutely remain with a brand that can be utilized in the corded and as well as the cordless mode.

Attachment Guide Comb

All professional clippers are usually equipped with at least six attachment comb guides. These guides attach unswervingly to the blade, so you can have absolute shaving leverage.

The more the length of the guide comb, the more maneuvering propensity of the barber.  Previous to the development of comb guides, it was approximately impracticable to cut hair all at lengths of equivalent spans.

If you had made a good purchase, your clipper should have been equipped with an assortment of comb cutting guides, particularly one that goes well with your interests and requirements.

Therefore, the better the comb guides, the more feasible and professional your clipper becomes.


Heaviness is one of the main factors that can determine the usability of hair clippers. If you are preparation on using the clipper for specialized purposes, it is extremely probable that you do not want it to be tremendously weighty.

For sure, a number of models have so many attributes that cause to be somewhat heavier than brands with inadequate design features.


In conclusion, you should also see the clipper’s warranty as another significant factor in investing in any brand of the clipper. Of course, no one can predict when something is going off beam or not.

Hence, with all the moving components of the clipper which makes its spoilage possibility high, you need to be precautious and ensure that your investment is safe and secured.

The entity involved should be eager to resolve issues when they come about. Provided the investment is still running through the warranty interval, the company should be eager to repair the problem.

The longevity of survival of these guides is yet another factor to bring on the table. A deficiency in durability will not only diminish the life of the guide but will make it tremendously complicated to keep it intact and fixed to the blade.

The more massive the clipper is the more likelihood of encountering pains and exasperation. Different from the predominant perception of people, a clipper does not need to be weighty to be premium.

No wonder many of the leading models weigh less than 16 ounces, placing them as better fitting brands for professionals.

Rundown Of Best Clippers For Fades

Beyond doubt, a lot of superior clippers are now evolving and dominating its world. Do you’re investigating and select anyone from the long list emphasized above?

Just translate your purchasing mentality into the right investment, and these this guide has been a pretty handy solution.

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