Best Hair Clippers For Black Men In 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

best hair clippers for black men

Do you know that the most assured way of avoiding the exasperating experience of moving long distances to have a clean shave is to invest in a high-quality pair of hair clippers?

Do you know that black folks usually have a propensity of having chunkier, coarser, and twister hairs which do call for particular attention and management?

Always remember that for any type of hair, there is a usually a different type of clipper peculiar to it. Hence, your hair can never suffer careless or inconvenient handling once the right decision is taken.

Fortunately, in this instructional guide, you will learn the whole thing that will direct you on the backgrounds of best hair clippers for black men.

The 5 Best hair clippers for black men Reviewed

Andis Master 15-Watt Hair Clipper (01557) 

Andis Master Clipper

 This brand is featuring a silvery body which routinely sparks and glitters to radiate a stylish and well-designed appearance. Therefore, users refer the Andis Master Clipper as a first-class and powerfully designed brand.

The powerful motor of the Andis Master Clipper usually maintains a calm and tranquil state all through the period of extended use.

In addition to these attention-catching features, the clipper is able to carry out its shaving abilities beyond expectation.  This brand also features a heavy-duty system that perfectly and accurately handles rough and hash hairs.

Unbreakable Aluminum Body

The Andis Master Clipper features an Unbreakable aluminum body which eliminates the possibility of encountering errors and injuries peculiar to shaving and trimming actions.

This strength design feature of the Andis Master Clipper makes it pleasing as you will never suffer breakage despite the number of times it was wrongly dropped. All you just need to do is to be careful with the blades as they are usually fragile components.

High-Speed Magnetic Motor

The Andis Master Clipper is designed with a speedy motor that is capable of handling arduous and critical shaving skills.

Just imagine a clipper whose motor is capable of delivering an amazing 14,000 cutting strokes per minutes of trimming impact. Isn’t such a brand worth investing in? I think it’s a far more worthwhile investment.


  • indestructible aluminum case
  • Corded operation
  • Good-looking and exclusive design
  • Sky-scraping speed motor
  • Calm and tranquil Motor spanning for an extended use
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Easy and swift fading styles triggered by thumb manipulations


  • Slightly heavy (1.2 pounds)
  • Only adjust from 000 to 1

General Evaluation 

The Andis Master Clipper is gorgeous and is equipped with a number of remarkable features that actually make it shine to the degree of making it a tool that is highly sorted for.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

best professional hair clippers for black men

 The Wahl Professional 5-Star Clipper is another specialized ranking clipper with indispensable qualities to fit your hair’s conditions. In addition, this clipper is equipped with mind-blowing features with sky-scraping accuracy zero-overlap 2161 blades.

The blades of this Clipper usually offers a comfortable and convenient shave even to the hard-to-reach outlines of the face.

In addition, these blades are tremendously long-lasting with better swiftness to save you the stress of having sitting for a long time during shaving.

Lightweight Design

 It should interest you to know that the great Wahl Professional 5-Star Clipper only weighs ten ounces.

Therefore, this amazing quality has contributed in no little measure in encouraging customers to invest in it.

No doubt, with this simple design feature, users can effortlessly manipulate about the ears, neckline and other complicated facial contours.

Cord And Cordless Action

The Wahl Professional 5-Star Clipper is featured as a cordless clipper with a lithium-ion battery that serves even far above its expectations.

Do you want a battery that can give you a durable shave for a period of approximately ninety minutes? I will advise that you go for the Wahl Professional 5-Star Clipper.

Taper Lever

 An additional attractive and remarkable feature concerning this Clipper is that it is integrally equipped with taper lever.

Importantly, not only will this lever offer you excellent service without being perturbed about exchanging between different guide combs, it will give you an unproblematic and speedy design elegance including stylistic fading and blending.  


  • Compromises of Lithium-ion battery
  • Unproblematic to use taper lever for fading and blending
  • The weight of ten ounces is significantly negligible
  • Can be operated in the corded mode
  • Supplied with a variety of accessories
  • Accuracy zero-overlap 2161 blades with a superb motor
  • Cordless action potent for Ninety minutes


  • Motor is superb
  • Only intended for use in the US
  • Technology is not self-sharpening

General Appraisal

 This set of clippers really has earned the name The Wahl Professional 5-Star Clipper. As evidently seen from the incredible features that make it superlative, it has gained preeminence over its alternatives.

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010 

best clippers for black males

Since its inception for dozens of decades of years, the OSTER Company has been consistent in producing sky-scraping superior clippers and trimmers. There is no lie in saying that they have been producing world-class clippers for efficient and comfort usage.

Their clippers are constantly superb and can sufficiently afford those non-irritating and clean shaves that you cherish most. Think of remarkable shaving services; grab your Oster Classic 76 hair clipper.

Clean And Aesthetic Body Design

One other tantalizingly feature that makes the OSTER Classic 76 Clipper an excellent type is its rectangular design feature. This makes it more easy and flexible to handle

It body style in more rounded, which really allow you to grip it and hold it with ease. The body style shrinks exhaustion propensity and makes the hair shaving venture more pleasant.

Potent, Single Speed Complete Motor

The Clipper is fashioned with a prevailing, sole speed complete motor that was purposely premeditated for hardwearing use.  No, wonder experts do rate its motor as a shaving requisite.

Meanwhile, users are advised to handle with care as it despite that they will always find it easier using this elevated clipper to cut the more jam-packed and coarse motor.

Nine-Foot Power Cord

 This set of clippers is featured with cord spanning a length of nine feet. Of course, you know what and the degree of shaving leeway and leverage that a clipper with such long-spanning feature has to offer a clean, close, comfortable and pain-free shave.


  • An aesthetic and elegant body design
  • Extra durable nine-foot power cord
  • potent, single speed worldwide motor
  • Two detachable blades (000 and 1)
  • Supplied with oil and cleaning brush


  •  Cutting around the ears is difficult due to broad blades.
  • transport container is incorporated

Overall Assessment

 The OSTER Classic 76 Clipper remains classy and excellent for the black male. It has many competitors buts its standard remain unsurpassed.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110

black men hair clippers

 Recently, the Wahl professional 5-Star Balding Clipper has been standing excessively tall above its competitors due to its peculiar and pioneering technological state-of-the-art. Little wonder do experts crave for this clipper.

The motor that this clipper is designed with is so superb that it can shave well above the speed of pivot motors and as well provide a thorough and clean shave.

The powerful electromagnetic motor that this Clipper comes with makes it not only classy but also a powerful razor for shaving any type of hair.

The greater percentage of individuals have subscribed to the Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper which is proficient in offering the exactitude needed in achieving any elegant style they desire.  

Extended Eight-Foot Power Cord

Using an electric clipper with a lengthy cord can offer a pleasing and satisfying shaving experience. Most users select their preferred clippers mostly on the factor of extended nature of the clipper’s cord. 

Auspiciously, the eight-foot power cord of this Clipper is the right choice as it offers you sufficient haircutting leverage and the comfort of shaving and moving to reach all the outlines pain-freely.


  • Sufficient Eight-foot power cord to give full shaving leverage
  • Hard-wearing and consistent blades
  • Comprises of two accessory combs, instruction guide and lots more.
  • Powerful V5000 electromagnetic motor that produces power
  • Fashioned to shave surgically close to the scalp
  • Ideal for an elegant shave.


  • Does not include self-sharpening blades
  • Does not come with a travel container

Generally Appraisal

From its vast benefits outlined here, it is now crystal clear why professional barbers around the world prefer investing in the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper.

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

best black men hair clippers

The Philips Norelco QC5580 set of clippers is a suitable brand when it comes to clean and thorough trimming.

The comfort and satisfaction you are inclined to gain are tremendous. With its 180-degree rotating head, this clipper has attracted and keeps attracting users to itself.

Hence, for both first-time trimmers and experts, this clipper has remained incomparable with respect to its substitutes.

Fortunately, you have the complete leverage of closely trimming the far-to-reach and sensitive parts just with the rotating

Effortless Maintenance

Keeping your clippers in good condition is essential to guarantee that you obtain an utmost trimming surface finish and longevity than you could ever imagine.

You can just wash off hair debris with water effortlessly after use. Hence, you don’t have to face maintenance and cleaning difficulties when using the Philips Norelco QC5580 clipper.

Also, with its all-encompassing features that eliminate the use of lubrication of this model, the clipper has dominated its alternatives is superiority

The blades are designed with long-lasting stainless steel which makes it absolutely self-sharpening.

Consequently, that you can achieve that meticulous stylish trimming that you wish always is one trusted technology about this brand that makes haircutting experience more satisfying and convenient.


  • Completely washable and easy cleaning blades
  • Operates for sixty minutes without a direct power supply
  • Comprises of a travel container
  • Blades are stainless steel
  • Oiling is not required
  • Can be employed in the cord and cordless forms
  • Comes with an assortment of accessories
  • 14 built-in diverse settings
  • Two-year warranty
  • 180-degree rotating head


  • Needs to be operated with an additional scaled up to 220-volt operation

Overall Assessment 

Having seen the amazing features of the Philips Norelco QC5580, it becomes crystal clear that you have all the benefits you desire in investing in it.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Hair Clippers 

Buying the right hair clipper for your individualistic needs is a vital decision. The chance of finding the right hair clipper that suits your hair is very good.

The question is, how do you choose among the many products and product options available? Here are some things to keep in mind.


Performance and motor capabilities should be the leading qualities you have to consider when investing in a set of clippers.

You are definitely going to need a set of clippers with an enormously powerful motor that is exclusively premeditated to cut through chunky and coarse hair effortlessly.

You should be aware that your hair needs a clean and better handling despite being thick, coarse, and arched.

The need the right power to drive you comfort while trimming so that your investment in a quality clipper will remain worthwhile.

In the same lieu, a set of clippers without the right power will lead to a much repulsive cutting experience which at extreme conditions can cause skin pains, exasperation, and rashes.

Some individuals prefer authentic power, so those fellows should usually consider utilizing a set of clippers with the rotary motor rather than limiting their choices to the electromagnetic brands.

Investing in a clipper that constantly gets hot and overheated during trimming can be an exasperating investment. Such a motor hardly operates at optimum torque and speed.

Self-Sharpening Will Come In Handy

 A lot of people end up changing the blades of their clippers as often as unnecessary due to their hair types including toughness and how chunky their hairs may be.

Well, this action can be routinely obtainable but that does not imply that you don’t need a better, more pleasing and comfortable option of investing in a set of clippers with self-sharpening technology.

Take full advantage of this technology to avoid accumulated expenses of constant blade replacement.

In this technology, your blades are essentially sharpened as the motor is operating. Fundamentally, when you are trimming and cutting your hair, the Clippers will be functioning within sharpening the blades simultaneously to guarantee a clear-cut and pain-free trim. This technology will enable you to run a bit more, but they are unquestionably worth the extra overdo.

Consider great Blades

 In addition to investing in an exceptionally powerful motor, you need a set of clippers that are equipped with long-lasting blades.

Long-lasting clippers can withstand thick and coarse hairs despite the degree of frictional stress and strains including wears and tears of blade surface associated with trimming tough hairs.

With blades with sufficient longevity, both quality and elegant trimming are guaranteed in the long run.

Blunt blades make don’t favor trimming experience. They are apt to drag and draw the hair instead of carefully cutting it. Carbon steel and stainless steel blades are good materials to look to enjoy these qualities.

Notwithstanding, titanium-coated blades are far more durable than a good number of alternatives you see today.  

This advantage is certain that titanium is an exclusive metal as it possesses non-rusting properties.

These blades will grant the toughness and prolonged existence that you need. So, make your investment in such a way as to fully grab these eye-catching features.

Cord Or Cordless, Which Is Better For The Black Male?

 Fair enough, the cordless clipper is exceptionally expedient and they still dominating the market and leading their ways through.

No doubt, some models may be existing out there which are capable of cutting your hair with effortlessness and rapidity.

 Nevertheless, as a black male, your paramount choice is to purchase a set of corded clippers to boost excellence.

Such clippers are just much more powerful and afford that steady high-speed torque that you need to attain an effectual and professional haircut.

Also, cordless models are high-quality brands; despite that its intended use and comfort are defeated as soon as that battery starts to diminish.

Of course, no one will freely give up to power due to its direct impact in meeting your trimming styles.

With a corded clipper, you are very sure and comfortable of operating at optimum torque and magnitude at all times provided your set of clippers have an adequate motor.

Easy To Maintain

 Do you want your new set of clippers to serve you with improved meticulousness, pain-free cuts for prolonged time frames?

You have to do your part by doing and taking the right investment decision of purchasing a set that is easy to maintain.

And, you have to maintain, lubricate, clean and care for your clippers. Just that you have to include these maintenance toolkits in your regular haircutting procedures.

Meanwhile, to ease the commitment, some manufacturers out there have actually made the maintenance progression slightly easier and undertaken.

A number of clippers have detachable heads that can be isolated from the clippers and washed with water.

A quantity of clippers is washable, so won’t bother about removing the blades. Actually, some models don’t even require lubrication because they are designed with self-lubricating technology.

Always bear in mind your time structure and dedication to your set of clippers. Check out if you are going to have time to clean, keep, and lubricate them after every use or not.

Whatever be the case, invest in brands with such features that will make the process easier and effortless.

Separate Hair Guides

You have possibly been exposed to a lot of all-encompassing cleaning clippers obtainable in today’s trimming brands.

Clear in your mind, these tools are efficient and appear suitable; however, you actually will prefer a set of clippers that are equipped with separate guidance combs.

The all-encompassing grooming tools are just too fragile for your hairstyle and just won’t work as planned.

Appropriate Storage Is Essential

of the time, your set of clippers are supplied with auxiliaries such as the guidance combs, lubricants, and cleaning brushes.

These accessories are significantly and essential, so, you need a travel pouch to safe-keep your trimming kits.

You, therefore, need something that will keep all the bits and pieces separated and away from one another.

You won’t like the irritating experience of having your trimming tool-kits to bounce vigorously with one another thereby exposing it to the possibility of damaging the blades and plastic guidance combs.

 With a good transport case, you will be able to keep everything safe and protected too.

Lightweight And Comfortable

Do you desire a shaving experience that can save you a good amount of time and money over the years?

Or, does it interest you to contrive your hand into an assortment of uncomfortable positions and some areas of the head with significant ease?

Well, just be aware that although the processes of getting these amazing trimming satisfaction are not that easy, it follows a clearly define procedures which this guide is exposing.

One of the amazing features to check out is to invest in a set of clippers that is lightweight and enormously comfortable in the hand.

There are some producers that actually center on ergonomics and good-looking aesthetics, so you might need to check these features out especially when you are purchasing online.

Care For Your Clippers properly

No doubt, your clippers will usually need more maintenance over the years, provided you want your clippers to serve you well for a prolonged duration.

 You know how to suitably care for your set of clippers you actually don’t have whatever thing to be concerned about.

Only ensure you keep your blades clean and tidy. You have to form a routine of constantly keeping your clipper blades neat after every trimming action and at all times to attract more comfortable shave.

A number of clippers are designed with their own small cleaning brush, except that these brushes are actually unproductive and fragile. Go for the brush that will solve this puzzle. An old toothbrush is a key for this.

The bristles will be able to access all the far-to-reach outlines, eliminating all hair debris. This is a high-quality practice to participate in even if you purchase a washable set of clippers.

The hair rubbles will behave as shingles and harm the blades if they are not appropriately cleaned. A good number of clippers are equipped with lubricant; however, you will need to consider other models. You therefore simply need to lubricate the clippers at every point of use.

To achieve this appropriate lubrication, just apply the oil generously but carefully to the edges of the blades and the center, switch on the clippers and allow it for a few seconds, and use a towel to drain off the surplus oil.


People, especially black men who have chunky and coarse hair usually run into the umbrella of getting their clipper’s blades and motor tear and wear out due to prolonged usage.

These fellows also suffer many haircutting challenges including cutting close to the scalp.

On the other hand, all you just need to get a suitable set of clippers to match your specific requirements is to understand how each model works and remain consistent to its guidelines of usage as explored in this guide.

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